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Summer Session 2015
  • CSPH 5101: Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices

    Cultural contexts of healing traditions. Integrative therapies presented by practitioners, including traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, mind-body healing, spiritual practices, energy healing, naturopathy, herbalism, movement therapies, homeopathy, manual therapies, nutrition.

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  • CSPH 5102: Art of Healing: Self as Healer

    Introduction to individual transformational journey as part of health science education. Students become aware of their responsibility/resources to facilitate development of the self. Research data, experience of self that is part psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body-spirit approaches. Lecture, scientific literature, meditation, imagery, drawing, group interaction.

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  • CSPH 5201: Spirituality and Resilience

    Links between resilience and spirituality. Applications of resilience/health realization model to students' personal/professional lives. Review of literature, theory, and research.

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  • CSPH 5226: Advanced Meditation: Body, Brain, Mind, and Universe

    Students work to integrate meditation practice into daily life, cultivating awareness of the fundamental oneness of body, brain, mind, and universe. Mind-body interactions in health. "Hard problem" of consciousness in brain science. Emergence of compassion, wisdom, and healing in non-discursive awareness.

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  • CSPH 5317: Yoga: Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing

    Students test claim that systematic yoga practice leads to optimal health. Yoga's philosophy, scientific evidence, practical application. Students propose research-based programs for integrating yoga into personal/professional life.

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  • CSPH 5343: Ayurveda Medicine: The Science of Self-healing

    Principles of Ayurveda. Evidence-based information. Balance of body, mind and spirit for optimum health. Ayurvedic constitutional types. Herbal medicine, detoxification, massage. Personal plans for health and well-being. How Ayurveda is being integrated into health care settings.

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  • CSPH 5503: Aromatherapy Fundamentals

    For health professional students/practicing health professionals. Essential oil therapy and current aromatherapy practices in clinical settings. Key safety/toxicity issues. Critique scientific/historical evidence about the therapeutic qualities of six essential oils in common use by the public and in clinical settings.

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  • CSPH 5523: Applications in Therapeutic Horticulture

    How to develop comprehensive program plans in therapeutic horticulture. Evidence-based principles, facilitation techniques. Documentation, assessment, program development techniques, evaluation. Leadership training, program plan components, book reviews, readings, comprehensive exam.

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  • CSPH 5535: Reiki Healing

    History, principles, precepts, and practical application of Reiki energy healing. Alternative energy healing modalities, current research findings. Activation of the Reiki energy, hand positions to perform a treatment. Students provide Reiki treatments, discuss findings.

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  • CSPH 5536: Advanced Reiki Healing: Level II

    Principles/application of Reiki energy healing. Four levels of healing. Emphasizes healing at spiritual level. Activation of Reiki energy. Symbols that allow for energy transfer through space/time. Using second level Reiki energy for both distance healing and standard Reiki treatment. Students provide Reiki treatments, discuss findings. Current literature, research findings.

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  • CSPH 5631: Healing Imagery I

    How imagery and imagery interventions are implemented for healing and to promote health/wellbeing. Experience/create imagery interventions. Instructional strategies include experiential, discussions, readings, lecture, and individual learning interventions.

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  • CSPH 5708: Mind-Body Science and the Art of Transformation

    Explore how utilizing transformative practices changes in our physical brain, thoughts, beliefs, bodies, emotions and paradigms and create sustainable shifts towards optimal health, wellness and living. This course will include knowledge and discoveries from multiple disciplines including but are not limited to psychologists, scientists, quantum physicist, philosophers, healers, educators. The mind-body research has accelerated dramatically in the past couple decades and will provide students with an opportunity to discover new ways of understanding our human brains and bodies. This in turn provides new insight and innovation into human behavior and sustainable transformative change.

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