Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teaches you how to use meditation and yoga to cultivate awareness and reduce stress. It is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness, which is about waking up, being fully alive, and being present in the richness of each moment of our lives. Within this awakening, you gain access to your deepest inner resources for living, healing, and coping with stress. MBSR teaches present moment awareness, deep relaxation, and gentle movement. Through the use of these techniques, you learn to discover and observe your reactions to life's stressors and to recognize that you can choose how to respond. With practice, you can apply these skills to everyday situations and connect more fully with yourself, loved ones, and the life you are living.

Our outstanding MBSR teachers come from diverse backgrounds including business, education, healthcare, humanities, law and social work. They have decades of meditation and yoga practice, and have all completed extensive training in MBSR through the Center for Mindfulness. MBSR is an 8-week, 9 session program that is open to the public with new sessions beginning quarterly. Visit our website for up to date information regarding dates, times and locations. All-day MBSR session retreats, MBSR II, and occasional deepening sessions are available for MBSR graduates. We also offer academic courses for University students and community members who desire deeper studies in mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

It is widely accepted that stress is detrimental to health, productivity and creativity. As employers struggle to provide solutions to help their employees manage their stress, the Center’s customizable corporate mindfulness programming is increasingly in demand. In an era of astronomical healthcare costs, the Center continues to evaluate MBSR as an affordable and effective option for treatment of stress-related problems. The Center is committed to exploring flexible formats so that MBSR can be accessible to individuals and organizations wanting to improve their overall wellbeing.

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