Continuing Education for Health Coaches

NBHWC accepts continuing education offerings that are:

  • Related to the healthy lifestyle knowledge for practicing professional National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC), OR
  • Related to the core competencies required for the practice of health and wellness coaching (HWC), OR
  • Related to business, ethics, legal considerations, marketing and professional development of the health and wellness coaching practice. Professional development includes self-care and resiliency cultivation.

Continuing education courses are expected to either:

  1. Review or deepen the core knowledge and skills competencies of a NBC-HWC coach, or
  2. Enhance the knowledge and/or skills at a level above that required for national certification.

Academic Coursework

All CSH courses (that have not been taken previously) taken, and passed with a 70% or better, may be applied for ICHWC CE credit, at the rate of 15 CEU’s per 1 graduate credit. Your transcript serves as your documentation, and you do not need further paperwork from the University.  

If you are not enrolled as a current UMN student, you can register as a non-degree student, though you should contact our Student Services office for a permission number.  Some courses are eligible for undergraduate tuition rates, while some are only available at graduate tuition rates. Some courses are entirely on-line, some are blended requiring some limited in person presence, and some are completely on-campus.

If you are not a graduate of the UMN health coaching program, you may expand your coaching perspectives by taking foundational coaching classes, with instructor permission and space permitting.

Prerequisites must be met:

CSpH 5701 Fundamentals of Health Coaching I (Blended, 4 cr. Fall only)

CSpH 5702 Fundamentals of Health Coaching II (Blended, 4 cr. Spring only)

CSpH 5706 Lifestyle Medicine (Online, 2 cr. Fall or May term)

Other more advanced core coaching courses may also be taken with instructor permission:

CSpH 5707 Coaching Individuals with Clinical Conditions (Blended, 2 cr. Summer only)

CSpH 5709 Group Health Coaching (Blended, 2 cr. Spring only, requires some advanced prep)