CSPH 5541: Emotional Healing and Happiness: Eastern and Western Approaches to Transforming the Mind

This course is offered in a remote online format. Please see the Schedule Builder for synchronous meeting dates and times.

Graduate Students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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Course Description

This course will introduce and provide in-depth, experiential training in the cultivation of happiness, emotional health and healing for multi-disciplinary professions. Students will learn ancient and contemporary highly effective methods for the transformation of afflictive emotions, unhealthy patterns, and behaviors. Students will learn how to increase positive emotions and mind states including: compassion, joy and equanimity. They will explore meditation and other integrative approaches that bring balance and well being to the mind. Students will practice and explore the applications of these modalities.

Students will learn how to creatively apply and integrate them into their lives, relationships and work with a wide range of patient /client populations and settings.

The class content draws on eastern and western approaches to emotional health and healing in a mindfulness-based, integrative model including: Buddhist and Transpersonal Psychology, meditation practices, spirituality, expressive, creative & ritual arts. Case examples and neuroscience research on emotions will also be included in the course.

This Interdiciplinary course is open to graduate students at the University of Minnesota, undergraduate juniors and seniors, staff, and interested professionals from the community and other community members with instructor permission.

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In person
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  • Fall
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