CSPH 5702: Fundamentals of Health Coaching II

This is a blended course. Course will meet primarily online, but will have required in person dates. Check the Schedule Builder for in person meeting dates and times.

CSPH 5701; Must be a graduate student admitted to the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching or Certificate-Health Coaching Track Programs or instructor consent.
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Course Description

This course expands upon students skills in motivational interviewing to include health coaching theories, coaching psychology, goal setting, and theories in behavior change and motivation. In the course students will have the opportunity to remove their “expert hat” and  deepen their understanding of coaching skills and style, empathy, deep listening, effective and empathic communication, and tools for self development. It is the role of the Health Coach to provide a safe, nonjudgemental environment to allow for exploration and the practice of skill building  to increase the client’s self-efficacy. In this course you will learn how to facilitate the change process by incorporating the client’s strengths and values. There are onsite requirements for this course.

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Course Format
Semester Course Offered:
  • Spring