Michele Rae

Graduate Faculty


St Mary's University, Human Development

University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy

EQ-i2.0/EQ360, Reiki, Minister

Licensures and Certifications


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Michele Rae, R.Ph., MA is a transformational coach who works with individual and organizational clients creating a personal, interpersonal and professional life they love. As graduate faculty for “The Business of Health Coaching 5704”, Michele mentors students, applying their many ways of knowing to creating business opportunities for the emerging field of health coaching. Students weave the intuitive, energetic and creative with the planning, structuring, ethical and legal aspects of business; creating a business plan and marketing materials for making their vision real in the world. As faculty for “Mind Body Science and the Art of Transformation 5408” Michele facilitates insights into how our minds and bodies change based on our focus, intentions, cell environment, habits, stress and behaviors. Students investigate these new perspectives and how to apply them through transformative practices to change our thoughts, beliefs, bodies, emotions and paradigms to create sustainable shifts towards optimal health, wellness and living. We also examine how these positive shifts can impact our relationships, communities and organizations. In the spring 2016 term, she will be co-faculty for the health coaching internship class. She is also an outside coach and student advisor for Health Coaching students. As a lifelong learner and explorer of the continuous evolution of human consciousness, Michele is a registered pharmacist, spiritual director and minster, business owner and leader, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch practitioner, Mind-Body Medicine teacher and has an MA in Human Development from St. Mary’s University.


Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality and levels of consciousness


Academic Interests and Focus

Health Coaching, Mindful Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Holistic Organizations, Authentic and Passionate Living, Higher Consciousness


CSPH 5704, The Business of Health Coaching

CSPH 5708, Mind Body Science and the Art of Transformation


Clinical Experience Statement

Michele offers transformational coaching with a focus on health and wellness coaching, career purpose and meaning, and spiritual wholeness. Michele offers private one on one transformational coaching sessions where she explores client's gifts, talents, wisdom and passions as well as exposing and unblocking limiting beliefs, self talk, patterns and fears. Michele utilizes her abilities in deep listening, intuition, appreciative inquiry, leadership development, spiritual practices, mind-body skill