Philanthropic Priorities

There has never been a better time to invest in whole person health, wellbeing, and human flourishing in your own life and in the work of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing. We invite you to be a vital part of this transformative journey.

Critical Appeal: Igniting Arts and Healing

Advancing Health and Wellbeing through the Arts 

In an era where the arts and healing movement is gaining unprecedented recognition, we are committed to pioneering research and practices that harness the healing power of the arts. 

In the dynamic realm of NeuroArts, recent breakthroughs reveal the tangible effects on art in both the brain and body. Research affirms a truth long sensed intuitively – the arts are indispensable in preventing, managing, and recovering from various physical and mental challenges. 

Your philanthropic support can enable us to further groundbreaking programs and initiatives, touching thousands of lives and fostering positive change in individuals and communities.

GIVE: Arts, Healing & Wellbeing Fund

Explore further insights in the Mandala magazine, featuring initial remarks from Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer. Delve deeper into "The Oracle is All of Us" with Molly Sturges, discover "Bach to Rock and Roll" by Jenzi Silverman, and explore our impactful partnership with the Minnesota Orchestra showcased in the captivating "Magic of Music." For nearly a decade, the Bakken Center has led the charge in acknowledging the transformative influence of the arts.

If any of these initiatives resonate with your passion as a donor, we would be honored to engage in a conversation with you.  Contact Virginia Kaczmarek, Development Officer, 612-624-1121, [email protected]

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Invest in Student Success

Enrolling in our programs is not just an investment in personal health and wellbeing but also a commitment to fostering resilient communities. Through interdisciplinary learning opportunities like our master’s degree in integrative health and wellbeing coaching, certificates, and courses in integrative therapies and healing practices, students gain the tools to transform their own lives while contributing to the greater collective by promoting whole health practices that positively impact our communities. Gifts that fund scholarships and fellowships provide support for current and future students while easing the burden of tuition.  

Contribute to established student scholarships such as those listed below or establish your own named scholarship fund:

Fuel Research and Discovery

Chronic pain negatively impacts peoples’ lives and is the leading cause of opioid addiction in the United States. The Center’s Integrative Health & Wellbeing Research Program is tackling this crisis through cutting-edge research of innovative treatments for pain and overall health, including one of the largest National Institutes of Health back pain trials in the US. Another important priority for this interdisciplinary team is to partner with historically marginalized populations to identify creative and culturally responsive ways to support physical, mental, and social wellbeing. For instance, our Partners4Pain initiative exemplifies our commitment to exploring new avenues for pain management and overall wellbeing.

Empower People and Communities through Education and Engagement

Demand for our webinars, community mindfulness classes, and workshops has skyrocketed. Engaging in mindfulness programs and wellbeing webinars offers transformative benefits for individuals and communities alike. These initiatives provide participants with practical tools to enhance their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Mindfulness not only fosters stress reduction and resilience but also promotes a deeper sense of connection to oneself and others. By offering free access to these programs, we aim to make these resources accessible to a broader audience. The impact resonates beyond the individual, creating a ripple effect that contributes to healthier, more connected communities. 

Strengthen individuals and communities around Minnesota and the world:

Advance the Future of Whole Person Health

Our commitment to integrating academic rigor, cutting-edge research, and community outreach positions us as pioneers in the field of integrative health and wellbeing. Sustainability is not just an ecological concept for us; it is inherent in our mission to bring transformative health practices to the mainstream. 

Ignite Wellbeing with Tibetan Healing

The Tibetan Healing Initiative (THI) is dedicated to healing, fostering happiness, and compassionate care for individuals, communities, and our planet via integrative, holistic health involving Tibetan medicine and Buddhist contemplative science. THI promotes human flourishing through cross-cultural learning, community building, research, and scholarship.

  • Tibetan Healing Initiative Legacy (THI) Fund 
    Supports THI community engagement, academic excellence, student scholarships, and research. 
    • Community Engagement – We are striving to preserve and develop Tibetan culture through intergenerational education programs; forging partnerships for Tibetan medicine curriculum development in the West; contributing to initiatives like the UMN Task Force for Death, Dying, Disposition; and supporting educational resources for the Tibetan community.
    • Academic Excellence and Student Scholarships - We aim to offer transformational courses, expand course offerings, and provide scholarships for students.
    • Research - We are seeking support to fund pilot projects to generate crucial data for pursuing federal grants.