How to Apply

Missed the Deadline? Need more time? Contact Christina in Student Services at [email protected] to discuss options for completing prerequisites and certain coursework before entering the program in Fall 2024.

Application Instructions

  1. RSVP to attend one of the online information sessions scheduled throughout the year.
  2. Be sure to review the program requirements before you apply. This degree does not qualify for an F-1 student visa. 
  3. Complete the University of Minnesota Graduate online application. You will need to create a username and password to complete the application. You do not have to complete this application in one sitting, and your progress is saved automatically.
    1. Please note that the online application is a general application that covers many University of Minnesota programs. Please follow these guidelines when you write your statement and upload materials (rather than the general guidelines found in the online application). Be sure to complete all required fields appropriately within the application. In addition, the items listed below are the only items our program requires for upload.
  4. Program Selection:
    1. Under narrow your program options: Choose ‘University of Minnesota - Twin Cities’
    2. Filter by college/school: Choose ‘Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing’
    3. Under Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing Programs: Choose the appropriate program for which you are interested: Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching - MA
  5. Term Selection:
    1. Select ‘Fall’. This is the only semester we allow admission.
  6. Biographical Information:
    1. Please complete all sections
      1. Name
      2. Social Security Number 
      3. Biographic Details
      4. Citizenship and Residency
      5. Email address
      6. Telephone number
      7. Addresses
      8. Agent/Legal Representative Information
  7. Personal Background
    1. Please complete all sections:
      1. Preferred First (Given) Name
      2. Gender Identity and Pronouns
      3. Race/Ethnicity
      4. Educational Background
      5. Languages
      6. Undergraduate Experience
      7. University of Minnesota Affiliation
      8. Military Service
  8. Academic History
    1. Provide information for all post-secondary institutions (college/university) you have attended, even if you did not receive a degree.
      1. Upload copies of all transcripts to the application system. Official copies will be required before you begin the program, but unofficial copies are sufficient at the time of application.
      2. If an institution has accepted transfer credits, please ensure grades are included on the transcript. Many institutions only show credits accepted and do not include letter grades received. If grades are not included, please submit the transcript from the institution where the letter grades were received.  
  9. Employment
    1. Provide details about your recent employment experiences.
  10. Test Scores
    1. Academic test requirements (GRE, GMAT, LSAT) - not required 
    2. English language test requirements:
      1. For non-native English speakers, we require a minimum total TOEFL score of 79, a writing subscore of 21, and a reading subscore of 19. Click here to read how to submit your scores to the University of Minnesota.
  11. Materials
    1. Personal Statement
      1. Please include a two- to three-page (double-spaced) personal statement focusing on what led to your interest in health coaching as a professional activity and describing your interest in and experience with holistic, integrative health and healing. Also, please include a statement about your hopes and expectations of the Health Coaching Master’s program.  
        1. Please include the status of any prerequisite coursework that is outstanding at the time of the application. Also include the name of the course(s), the institution where it will be completed, and the estimated date of completion. 
    2. Diversity Statement
      1. A statement that addresses, 'Why is understanding and appreciation of equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging important to health coaching? How might you contribute to making society a more inclusive and equitable place?' 
    3. Extenuating Circumstances Statement - not required
      1. If you would like to explain your circumstances to discuss anything in your application, please do so here. 
    4. Resume/CV
      1. Please upload your current resume/CV/vocational history. Be sure to include any relevant volunteer work. 
    5. Graduate Program Additional Material 
      1. Please indicate in your statement if you would like to be considered for a Bakken Center Scholarship upon admission to the program. Scholarships range from $1,500 to $4,000. 
      2. Please note that students receiving the Regents Scholarship or reduced tuition through the Senior Citizen Education Program are not eligible for scholarships. 
      3. Criteria for scholarship consideration include:
        1. Academic performance
        2. Contribution to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
        3. Leadership
        4. Financial need
      4. Include a description of the following:
        1. Academic and professional goals and interests.
        2. Extracurricular activities or community involvement, including descriptions of leadership held, distinctions, or recognition you have earned.
        3. Unique contributions you will bring to the field you are studying.
        4. How this scholarship will help you reach your goals.
        5. Please describe if you have a specific interest in creative arts and healing.
  12. Recommendations
    1. Three letters of recommendation should be from people who know you professionally. Do not upload letters into your application. You will provide email addresses, and your letter writers will be emailed instructions on how to submit their recommendations.
      1. If possible, at least one letter should come from an academic source and one from an employer/supervisor.
      2. A recommendation from any community/volunteer work is acceptable as well.
  13. Confirmation and Signature 
  14. Review
    1. Optional: Preview application proof. Review your application for accuracy before submitting it. You will be unable to make changes to your application once you finalize it. 
    2. Note: your application is not considered submitted until you finalize your application and pay the application fee.
    3. If you need to make changes after your application is submitted, please contact Christina at [email protected]
  15. Finalize Application
    1. Submit the application and pay the application fee ($75 US/permanent resident or $95 International). You will receive an email from the Graduate School Admissions Office confirming receipt of your application. If you are missing any required documentation it will be addressed upon preliminary review of your application.

After a preliminary review of your application, you will be notified via email if you have been selected to interview with members of the Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing Admissions Review Committee. Interviews will begin mid-February for those who submit by the February 1 priority deadline.

After your application and interview are reviewed by the Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing Admissions Review Committee, decisions will be forwarded to the Graduate School for final approval. The Graduate School will notify you via email of the admission decision within 4-6 weeks after the final deadline. 

Bakken Center scholarship awards are determined once all admission decisions are finalized. 

If you have further questions requiring individual clarification, contact Christina in Student Services at [email protected]