Mental Health and Nutrition Workshops

Nutritional strategies to support mental and cognitive health

Our understanding of mental health has evolved to a more comprehensive model that acknowledges nutrition as an influential factor. Research highlights the role food, micronutrients and gut health play in determining our risk of developing mental health issues, as well as our ability to thrive with conditions such as Depression, Anxiety and ADHD.

This three-part series of 75-minute online workshops includes information about three pillars of nutritional approaches to mental health: diet, micronutrients, and the microbiome. You will learn how micronutrients and the microbiome impact common conditions like Depression, Anxiety and ADHD, and dietary strategies commonly used to support mental and cognitive health.

This series is offered by the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing and the Integrative Psychiatry & Wellness Program.

Workshop #1: Key nutrients for mental health

  1. Review essential nutrients and their role in supporting mental health
  2. Learn evaluation strategies to understand individualized nutrient needs
  3. Become familiar with food sources of mood-supportive micronutrients

Workshop #2: Microbiome and probiotics for mental health

  1. Learn the basics of the microbiome is: what it is and how it impacts mood
  2. Become familiar with dietary and lifestyle practices that support a healthy microbiome

Workshop #3: Nutritional and Dietary Approaches for Mental Health

  1. Review dietary strategies for optimizing mental and cognitive health
  2. Learn how to individualize dietary needs
  3. Become familiar with basic dietary and food practices that support mood and cognitive health

What to Expect

The online workshops are didactic with time for questions and answers. You are welcome to attend one or all three workshops. A recording will be made available to registrants who cannot attend the live workshop for one month. 

Who These Workshops Are For

Adults (18 and older) interested in learning to support their emotional wellbeing and cognitive health with practical food.

Please note, this programming is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please use any and all information discussed in the classes to support discussions with your health care team.

Additional Course Resources

After each workshop, we will provide electronic handouts highlighting resources and main take-home points discussed during each session.


By the end of the series, you will have learned important information about nutrition and mental health that can help inform discussions with your healthcare providers and provide practical ways to incorporate supportive nutritional practices into your daily food routine.

About the Instructor

woman in black blazer holding a mug

Crystalin Montgomery ND, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist & Registered Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Montgomery is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Registered Naturopathic Doctor who works with adults and children to support their overall mind-body health.  Dr. Montgomery has a special interest in addressing mental health and emotional wellbeing of her patients. She combines her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture with Naturopathic (or Functional) medicine to understand how stress, nutrition, physical health and the gut microbiome contributes to mental health symptoms. She empowers patients with strategies and lifestyle habits for better brain health and emotional wellbeing.  In her clinical work, Dr. Montgomery is passionate about collaborating with other providers to provide a holistic approach to mental health care.