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We offer monthly webinars on a variety of topics designed to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing. Webinars are free but registration is required.

To make disability-related accommodations, please contact the Bakken Center's community relations office ([email protected], 612-625-8164).

Upcoming Webinars

Nurses and Health Equity

Oct 12, 2022 • Noon - 1:15 p.m. Central*

Healthcare and nursing are being required to adapt to a rapidly changing world, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. The urgent need to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging throughout health care services and whole-person care has never been more important.

*The content of the webinar is designed for nurses. Other health professionals are welcome. 

An Introduction to Mental Wellbeing: Lessons from The Years in Asia

Oct 25, 2022 • Noon to 1pm Central 

In the Summer of 2018, as a Vietnamese American social work professor in the United States, Huong Nguyen, PhD, MSW, MA, BA, took a one-year “leave without pay” from the university to move to a Buddhist temple in a remote mountainous area in Thailand to conduct research. In this webinar, Dr. Nguyen will share some key findings – scientific and otherwise - from her years living in the temple. The findings are meant to be an introduction to how we can better understand and improve our mental health, and thus live a life with much less suffering.

Ethical Leadership: The Fractal for Equitable Enduring Change with Dr. Monica Sharma

Nov 3, 2022 • Noon - 1:30 p.m. Central

The time has come for Radical Transformational Leadership. This model is designed for sourcing our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values of dignity, compassion and fairness, and simultaneously transform unworkable systems and norms in order to solve problems.

Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Enhancing Resilience and Wellbeing

Dec 6, 2022 • Noon - 1 p.m. Central

In this webinar, spirituality will be explored from the lens of the Bakken Center’s Wellbeing Model: connecting with something larger than oneself, leading to enhanced resiliency and a deeper sense of meaning and connectedness, with oneself and the world around them.

Mindfulness Programs Information Session

Dec 7, 2022 • Noon - 1 p.m. Central

This webinar led by Bakken Center Mindfulness and Wellbeing Instructor Mariann Johnson will provide an introduction to mindfulness meditation and will be particularly relevant to those new to the practice or simply curious about the possible benefits of a mindfulness practice. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a short mindfulness meditation, to share their experiences, and to ask questions.

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