Waking the Oracle: Arts. Planet. Connection. Healing.

waking the oracle - an illustration of a gold sun over blue lines

Who are The Oracles? 

Oracles guide us and help us gain insights and paths of healing. Oracles might include trees, ancestors, and so many more. They are all around us and within us. When we gather together and listen with our hearts, we can hear them showing us the way. In challenging times Oracles help us grow and ultimately teach us how to move from despair and disconnection to wise action, repair, restoration, and communities of care. 

History of Waking The Oracle 

Based upon 30 years experience working at the crossroads of music, community healing, health, community organizing, science, and spirituality, Waking the Oracle was first raised in 8 weeks while its director/founder Molly Sturges was a visiting professor at George Washington University in arts and community engagement. A few years later, Waking the Oracle was embraced and is now evolving. The core WTO creative activation team started to build in January 2024. Upcoming 2024 public events include WTO pop-up events and public activations with community partners in April 2024.  

Scroll through this gallery to see images from Waking the Oracle events.

six people sitting in a circle
WTO matt and molly sitting with instruments
group of people in a room
people in a circle talking to each other
A stage production of waking the oracle
three actors in costume for Waking the Oracle
Actor in costume standing on a light well for Waking the Oracle
people in costume around a light well extending their hands upwards
Actor in costume looking down into a light well
Actors in costume around a light well for Waking the Oracle
A stage production of waking the oracle with the cast facing the audience
two people making shadow art with their hands

Waking The Oracle Activations 

Waking The Oracle Creative Activations 

Through music, story, dance, community dialogue, and surprise, Waking The Oracle creative activations empower communities to self-mobilize toward healing. Activations are created in partnership with organizations, groups, and communities to open up spaces for reflection, dialogue, and creative expression.

Community Listening, Dialogue and Wisdom Circles 

Led by Waking the Oracle facilitators, circles can be done in partnership with any group and focus on any topic. Designed to create spaces of meaningful exchange, WTO circles foster compassion, dialogue, empathetic listening, as we develop our capacities to connect across divisions and lean into our innate wisdom. 

Waking the Oracle Creative Care Immersive Pop-Up Events 

Creative Care Immersive Pop-Up experiences blend music, poetry, and storytelling with science-informed mindfulness practices for restoration and wellbeing. The pop-up events offer spaces to restore, reflect, and connect with others as desired through community circles and sharing of food. WTO Pop-Up events are light on their feet and able to be realized in many settings. 

Community Healing & Wellbeing Guide Training 

Community Wellbeing Guide training supports participants with foundational and adaptable practices for facilitating group spaces that foster compassion-centered whole person health, community connection, and planetary health. Integrating contemplative and participatory creative practices, social justice, and nature-based practices, this accessible training is relevant both for people already working with groups and communities and those who wish to in the future. Developed over years collaborating with people in trauma-infused settings, participants will come away with potent tools and templates made to be customized to each person and community. The training was created to be adapted to a variety of timescales and settings.

Waking the Oracle is a production of Bakken + Immergent.