For Health Professions Students

As a University of Minnesota health professional student, you understand that we all come from a unique cultural, biological and spiritual background. Whatever your perspective, it is the search for quality of life that is universal to all of us. At the Center for Spirituality & Healing, we promote health and wellbeing by blending the best of modern, conventional healthcare with integrative healing practices. We accomplish this by teaching healthcare professionals about interconnectedness of body-mind-spirit and the vital roles that world culture and spirituality play in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

The Center is a national leader in the field of integrative therapies and healing practices through its education, research, and outreach efforts. And as a student in one of the Academic Health Center's six schools and colleges, you are uniquely positioned to benefit from some of the nation’s top educators and programs in this burgeoning field.

In fact, as patient demand for holistic approaches to care continues to grow, supplementing your knowledge with integrative medicine is a wise, career enhancing move.

Enhance your education with our courses. Depending on your program of enrollment, you may be able to enhance your degree with a Graduate Minor or Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices.

Health Professional Master List

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Course ID Course Name Credits
CSPH 5101 Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices 3
CSPH 5102 Personal Wellbeing: The Journey of Self-Care 1
CSPH 5111 Cultural Ways of Thinking about Health 2
CSPH 5115 Cultural Awareness, Knowledge and Health 3
CSPH 5118 Whole Person, Whole Community: The Reciprocity of Wellbeing 3
CSPH 5121 Planetary Health and Global Climate Change: A Whole Systems Healing Approach 2
CSPH 5201 Spirituality and Resilience 2
CSPH 5225 Meditation: Integrating Body and Mind 2
CSPH 5226 Advanced Meditation: Body, Brain, Mind, and Universe 1
CSPH 5303 Pain Management and Evidence Based Complementary Health Approaches 3
CSPH 5305 Introduction to Integrative Mental Health 2
CSPH 5315 Traditional Tibetan Medicine: Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing 2
CSPH 5401 People, Plants, and Drugs: Introduction to Ethnopharmacology 3
CSPH 5421 Botanical Medicines in Integrative Healthcare 3
CSPH 5431 Functional Nutrition: An Expanded View of Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Optimal Health 2
CSPH 5503 Aromatherapy Fundamentals 1
CSPH 5535 Reiki Healing 1
CSPH 5536 Advanced Reiki Healing 1
CSPH 5541 Emotional Healing and Happiness: Eastern and Western Approaches to Transforming the Mind 2
CSPH 5601 Music, Health and Healing 2
CSPH 5631 Healing Imagery I 2
CSPH 5641 Animals in Health Care: The Healing Dimensions of Human/Animal Relationships 3
CSPH 5706 Lifestyle Medicine 2
CSPH 5713 Health Coaching for Health Professionals 2
CSPH 5806 Wellbeing and Resiliency for Health Professionals 1
CSPH 5905 Food Matters: Cook Like Your Life Depends On It 1