Online Courses

Online learning can be a great way to earn academic credits and learn about integrative healing and wellbeing.

Our online courses offer content from many of our different program areas. We also offer free online learning modules for health professionals.

The Center also recently launched a Coursera Specialization in Integrative Health and Medicine.

You may learn about the Center's online courses in wellbeing and integrative healing in the list below or through the Digital Campus website.


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Course ID Course Name Credits
CSPH 1000-001 Healing Words: Reading, Literature, and Wellbeing 1
CSPH 1000-002 Connected or Disconnected: Social Media and Your Wellbeing 1
CSPH 1001 Principles of Health and Wellbeing 2
CSPH 1202 Music for Wellbeing in Times of Stress and Anxiety 1
CSPH 3001 Introduction to Integrative Healing 3
CSPH 3101 Creating Ecosystems of Wellbeing 2
CSPH 3201 Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 2
CSPH 3301 Food Choices: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves 3
CSPH 4311 Foundations of Hatha Yoga: Alignment & Movement Principles 3
CSPH 4312 Hatha Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, & Ethics 3
CSPH 4313 Hatha Yoga Teaching Principles & Methodology 2
CSPH 5000 Nature Rx: People, Plants, and Planetary Health 3
CSPH 5000 Healing Stories: Narrative and Wellbeing 2
CSPH 5101 Introduction to Integrative Healing Practices 3
CSPH 5118 Whole Person, Whole Community: The Reciprocity of Wellbeing 3
CSPH 5201 Spirituality and Resilience 2
CSPH 5226 Advanced Meditation: Body, Brain, Mind, and Universe 1
CSPH 5303 Pain Management and Evidence Based Complementary Health Approaches 3
CSPH 5305 Introduction to Integrative Mental Health 2
CSPH 5307 Integrative Nursing: Application Across Settings and Populations 1
CSPH 5315 Traditional Tibetan Medicine: Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing 2
CSPH 5317 Yoga: Ethics, Spirituality, and Healing 2
CSPH 5343 Ayurveda Medicine: The Science of Self-healing 2
CSPH 5401 People, Plants, and Drugs: Introduction to Ethnopharmacology 3
CSPH 5421 Botanical Medicines in Integrative Healthcare 3
CSPH 5431 Functional Nutrition: An Expanded View of Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Optimal Health 2
CSPH 5503 Fundamentals of Aromatherapy 1
CSPH 5522 Intro to Therapeutic Horticulture: Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes 3
CSPH 5535 Reiki Healing 1
CSPH 5536 Reiki Healing II 1
CSPH 5561 Overview of the Creative Arts in Health and Healing 2
CSPH 5601 Music, Health and Healing 2
CSPH 5631 Healing Imagery I 2
CSPH 5641 Animals in Health Care: The Healing Dimensions of Human/Animal Relationships 3
CSPH 5642 Nature Heals: An Introduction to Nature-Based Therapeutics 3
CSPH 5643 Horse as Teacher: Equine-Assisted Services (EAS) 3
CSPH 5706 Lifestyle Medicine 2
CSPH 5707 Coaching People with Clinical Conditions 2
CSPH 5708 Mind-Body Science and Trauma-informed Mental Health 3
CSPH 5709 Health and Wellness Coaching for Groups 2
CSPH 5712 Supervised Health Coaching Skills Advancement 1
CSPH 5713 Health Coaching for Health Professionals 2
CSPH 5714 Health Behavior Change Theory and Lifestyle Medicine 3
CSPH 5715 Leadership and Evidence-based Decision-making 2
CSPH 5716 Health Coaching Practicum II 1
CSPH 5805 Wellbeing in the Workplace 3
CSPH 5806 Wellbeing and Resiliency for Health Professionals 1
CSPH 5807 Mindfulness in the Workplace 2
CSPH 5905 Food Matters: Cook Like Your Life Depends On It 1