CSPH 5201: Spirituality and Resilience

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Graduate students, Undergraduate students with junior status or above, or instructor consent.
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Course Description

This course will find links between resilience and spirituality, apply resilience/health realization model to students' personal/professional lives, and review of literature, theory, and research.

This small seminar size is ideal online for examining natural resilience and our inner landscape. Discussions are reflective, instructive, and thought provoking. We explore life experiences, examine relevant resilience and spiritual literature, and discover how we operate from the inside out in ordinary life. We learn, live and share basic principles behind resilience.

The study is applicable in a wide variety of disciplines from helping professions, scientific endeavors, education, to business and more. These lessons are applicable in both personal and professional life. Impact of this learning is lasting and deep.

An array of audio visuals, readings, discussions, and activities are employed. Select global authors may be invited guest speakers. Grade is based on full class participation, a brief written reflection, and two short papers with informal presentations.

For additional class details contact instructor Kathy Marshall at [email protected].

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Semester Course Offered:
  • Spring

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