Online Learning Overview

Our online resources include learning modules for healthcare professionals and the general public, interactive scenarios, academic and community courses, videos, audio, articles, and downloadable content.

Online Academic Courses

Through our online academic courses, you can earn credits and learn more about integrative healing and wellbeing.


The Center offers online learning opportunities through two Specializations we have created on Coursera - Integrative Health and Medicine and Integrative Nursing. Our Specializations explore ways to incorporate a variety of integrative healing modalities into clinical practice to improve outcomes, promote wellbeing, and support self-care, including courses on Aromatherapy, Guided Imagery, Herbal Medicine, Mindfulness, and Acupressure.

Mindfulness at Work

This online community course explores key mindfulness traits and how they relate to essential workplace skills, such as presence, emotional regulation, resilience, cognitive flexibility, and communication, all of which are critical skills for thriving at work.

 Whole Systems Healing Modules

Explore ways to cultivate health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, societies, and the environment by living and acting with awareness of the interconnectedness of all living systems.

Presentations and Lectures

View online presentations from past lecture series.

Integrative Nursing Scenarios

Earn nursing continuing education credit! Start with the Introduction to Integrative Nursing module, then practice integrative nursing with a virtual patient in three interactive scenarios.

Other Online Resources

Explore the resources that the Center has to offer including videos, interactive modules, downloadable content, and more.