Nourishing Minnesota

Harvard Healthy Eating Plate - A guide to the proportions of each type of food on your plate each meal

About Nourishing MN


To enhance the wellbeing of individuals and organizations by integrating culinary and nutritional literacy into clinical practice for healthcare providers and advancing food knowledge within the Twin Cities community and beyond.


  • Increase health professionals’ literacy levels associated with nutrition, food, and cooking so they can improve self-care practices and increase their effectiveness in coaching and caring for patients.
  • Increase public literacy around nutrition, food, and cooking so people can improve their wellbeing, preventing and better managing symptoms of chronic conditions.
  • Strengthen networks working to ensure that Minnesota residents have effective resources to learn new ways to access, prepare, and consume healthy food.


  • Develop and deliver experiential learning opportunities for healthcare providers and health professions students, inspiring them to eat healthfully and integrate their commitment toward food/culinary literacy into care of patients.
  • Develop and disseminate evidence-based educational resources through strategic partnerships with community organizations, clinics, and academic units and through the Center’s large-scale consumer website, Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing.
  • Participate in Teaching Kitchen Collaborative, a national organization comprising other programs focused on furthering culinary literacy within their communities.
  • Host public lectures and learning opportunities, such as a day of learning with Michael Pollan.