Experts and Consulting

Clients and partners of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing include large hospitals, health systems, healthcare providers, long-term care facilities, corporations and community-based organizations. These collaborations have focused primarily on clinical care innovation efforts, which includes employee wellness, stress reduction, optimal healing environments, care model innovation, leadership and integrative therapies and healing practices.

Client Engagement Model

Client Engagement Model

Our Client Engagement Model is designed to build capacity, as well as sustainability. This model, based on design thinking, produces outcomes that are co-created with the client and customized to their unique needs.


Outcomes of the listening phase include a needs assessment and the identification of key stakeholders and champions.

Developing and Co-creating

Concurrently, a planning process is established that aligns the proposed work with the vision, mission and goals of the partner organization.

While the Center has programs and services that can be offered off the shelf, actively engaging the client in tailoring the education, consultation services or products to match the needs of the organization accelerates buy-in and, ultimately, success.


The implementation phase includes education, infrastructure development (policies, procedures, standards, documentation, job descriptions), prototyping and execution and integration of strategy within the organization as a whole.


Evaluation and assessment are key components of programming. Both are part of an iterative cycle focused on improvement of processes and outcomes. Generating new knowledge through a research and discovery process occurs within many settings, and is generally part of a collaborative relationship with the client.


Finally, Center clients benefit from ongoing networking with Center faculty, staff and with each other. All clients engaged in care model innovation are invited to participate in a learning community that the Center is now hosting to share best practices, new ideas and suggestions for overcoming common obstacles.