Constitutional Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT)

For each characteristic, select the description that describes who you really are, not the person you want to be. Choose the description that describes you best, even if you don't fit this description completely or you fit into more than one description. Feel free to consult with someone who knows you well.

Constitutional Self-Assessment Tool
1.   My height is:
2.    My weight is:
3.    My body frame is:
4.    My skin is:
5.    When exposed to the sun, my skin:
6.    My hair is:
7.    My eyes are:
8.    My joints are:
9.    My nails are:
10.    My tongue is (look in a mirror):
11.    My teeth are:
12.    My appetite is
13.    My digestive heat (metabolic rate) is:
14.    My menstruation is (if applicable):
15.    My blood circulation is:
16.    My bowel movements:
17.    After I drink a large glass of water, I:
18.    My sweat is:
19.    My voice is:
20.    My energy level is:
21.    My physical endurance is:
22.    My sleep is:
23.    My sex drive is:
24.    I'm susceptible to this combination of symptoms:
25.    When stressed out, I tend to be:
26.    I tend to be:
27.    When upset I tend to be:
28.    My dreams tend to be:
29.    My learning style is:
30.    My speech is:
31.    My approach to work is:
32.    I am happiest when I am:
33.    I tend to be:
34.    I have a tendency toward:
35.    I learn:
36.    My confidence level is:
37.    My mind tends to be:
38.    My veins are:
39.    To relax, I:
40.    My friendships are characterized by:
41.    Typically I react in this way to change:
42.    I enjoy these foods and beverages:
43.    My finances are:
44.    When I experience pain, I tend to be:
45.    I prefer to live in this type of climate:
46.    My lifestyle is:
47.    I am prone to:

Analyze Your Results

Note the energy in the box above with the highest percentage. This is your dominant energy at this time. Write down your dominant energy and then use the Lifestyle Guidelines Tool (LGT) to develop a personalized plan for living a healthier, happier life.