Mindfulness Retreats

The Center’s online mindfulness meditation retreats provide an opportunity to step away from your daily routines and the busyness of everyday life to deepen, renew or inspire your mindfulness meditation practice.

This half-day retreat is ideal for those who have some mindfulness meditation experience, or for those who have completed any of the Bakken Center’s mindfulness programs and would like to practice with others in a supportive, community setting. If you are new to mindfulness meditation and would like instructions on how to meditate, we invite you to sign up for one Center’s mindfulness meditation programs.

Questions or comments? Please reach out to the Bakken Center's community relations office if you have questions about our mindfulness programming ([email protected], 612-625-8164). We welcome the opportunity to connect with you! 

To make disability-related accommodations, please contact the Bakken Center's community relations office ([email protected], 612-625-8164).

Retreat Overview and More

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What to Expect

Throughout the retreat, you will be guided through mindfulness meditations and gentle mindful movement by one of the Center’s experienced mindfulness facilitators. Although these retreats are designed for an immersive practice opportunity, time will also be allocated for participant introductions, periodic practice questions and reflections, and a retreat closure.

How to Prepare

  • Plan for a time of silence and self-renewal and, as best you can, an easy period prior to and immediately following the retreat.
  • If living with others, you may wish to negotiate a quiet space in your home where you can practice uninterrupted for the duration of the retreat. The space should also allow room for gentle stretching and mindful movement.
  • The retreat will include guided mindful meditations, walking meditation and gentle movement. Please care for yourself and adapt any of the instructions as needed, to support your individual needs.
  • Plan to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may wish to dress in layers to accommodate fluctuations in body temperature due to periods of stillness and movement. Please have a yoga mat and/or blankets accessible throughout the retreat.
  •  You also may also wish to have a water bottle, cup of tea and/or light snacks close at hand for use in-between each practice session.
  • Time will be allotted throughout the retreat for quiet reflection, periodic participant questions, and short breaks.
  • To build community, we invite you to leave your camera on throughout the retreat, however, please monitor your personal needs around screen time and needing to periodically rest your eyes.


Center courses and workshops are facilitated by our experienced facilitators, who have deep experience in teaching mindfulness and meditation courses, workshops and retreats within the University, community, and organizations.